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Recent Projects

Monthly Commissions

This report used SAP data to calculate commissions for sales reps. Custom VBA was used to create a workbook for each regional manager for approval.

The workbook included numerous check figures, other invectives, built in audit logs, permissions, and automated emails.

We developed a custom SharePoint site for the upload to streamline the approval process.

Operation Metrics

These metrics included delivery and usage data for various regions summarized my month and quarter.

Custom VBA was used to combined data from multiple SAP reports, aggregate it, and then send to each region - all with the click of a single button.

We also created a custom SharePoint site along with a script to automate permissions as this organization had over 50 regions.

Automated Budget

We created a custom workbook to plan everything from capital expenditures from travel and entertainment.

This client had unique needs as some budget accounts had set annual amounts, some had set monthly amounts. We created custom VBA scripts to populate the budget based on account selections.

The file also included VBA to help automated the approval process and budget upload to BPC.

Financial Statments

Prior to working with us this client was using multiple workbooks to create the budget & forecasts, create monthly financials, and manage payroll costs. It was impossible for them to plan for scenarios and forecast.

We created one master file to help track everything. Assumptions could be changed on the fly for dynamic forecasts. The file included income statements for each business unit and overall, a balance sheet, and a cash flow all driven by a trial balance import and a date function on the dashboard.

The financials used SUMPRODUCT to streamline the process making new account additions easy. The payroll section used a custom VBA formula to take into account furloughs, raises mid-year, and OT projections.

Company Scorecard

This company wanted a custom card to track financial performance by month. We first got an overview of their business processes and got to work.

We created numerous SQL queries and views to automated the majority of the reporting. These metrics included things like revenue goals, margin goals, SGA percentage, and billing days.

The book had certain information that only certain employees could view. We created a custom VBA script to send a copy of the file to OneDrive, removing data cetin groups do not have access to.

Non-Profit 990 Tax Support

This project had numerous sections. This organization had to fille hundreds of 990s each tax season.

The first job was to create a new financial statement format used by managers during the 990 draft process. The file pulled dynamic data from HFM. Various schedules were made that could be exported with VBA and then important back into the software

For the 990 Schedule J payroll information, we worked with their IT department to create a custom SQL query that added to the efficiency.

At project completion we saved this company over 2,000 hours annually.


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  • Integrate with tools like SAPPopular
  • Process improvements
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  • On demand 24/7 support
  • Collaborative partnership
  • Improve multiple processes
  • SQL Management/integration
  • Website development
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Excel Consulting

Our excel consultants will help you complete your project while increasing efficiency.
Advanced Formulas
SUMPRODUCT, indirect, and index match are examples of advanced formulas that turn an ugly spreadsheet into a clean one. The cleaner your workbook is, the easier it is to draw conclusions from your data.
Pivots, Charts
Getting your Pivot table or charts setup is a key component of any graph. From creating a custom field in a Pivot to creating a Gantt chart, we have you covered.

VBA Consulting (Marcos)

A VBA consultant can help edit an existing macro or script or help create a new process for you. VBA is a powerful tool to improve your company workflow and should be considered for many projects.
Automated Tools
From dashboard that email staff with one click, to files that get uploaded to SharePoint, we can create the perfect solution to automate your projects. VBA can also be used to download data, taking automation a step further.
Custom Formulas
Instead of using complicated native formulas (such as a messy nested IF statement) our consultants will create an easy to maintain formula for you written in VBA. The formulas will includes training and notes with the code so you troubleshoot and learn for yourself.

Business Analysis

We can go beyond just hlpeing you with Excel. Our consultants can help spot issues ensuring your business can thrive.
System Recommendations
Excel might not be the best solution for your business needs. We can recommend and build a SQL database, websites, or apps that better meets your needs. We can also recommend and implement existing software that can increase productivity.
Market Research
We'll help you identify how your competitors acquire new customers and their strengths and weaknesses We can help you conduct pricing and product research to help drive revenue and growth.

Our Approach

We will get a firm grasp on your business and processes. Where applicable, this will include revieing current systems, analyzing copies of financial reports, competitor research, and asking staff questions.
Solution Discussion
You'll be presented with the overview of a solution and ask for any feedback. For more complicated processes the solution might entail various options for example developing a new database application as opposed to many connected excel files.
Product Development
Our team will build your solutions based on the latest industry standards. Your solution will be efficient and maintainable allowing to add new functionality as your business needs change.
After the first solution draft has been created, we will get feedback from you on what else to add or modify. We will also review any custom code for bugs, clean up test code, and write additional instructions.
The optimized solution will be delivered to your team. This step can also include training to help get your staff up to speed on the new process.

Beyond Excel

While Excel is a phenomenal tool to help manage and analyze data, it is not the ideal solution for every problem. Depending on the project, we might recommend to other tools during the consultation. Here are some additional tools that can provide value to a business.


SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL lets you access and manipulate databases.

Large Excel workbooks make large datasets hard to manage. Using a database can make managing millions of records a simple task. SQL will force your business to organize your data structure by using a relational model.


Modern browsers are extremely powerful! Many businesses might think of a website solely for landing new clients, but they can go beyond that.

A custom accounting system can incorporate all of your business logic, eliminating nearly all bottlenecks. While this route might seem expensive, a quality developer can build a simple app without reinventing the wheel.

Mobile Apps

Similar to websites, apps are often under-utilized by businesses. A good but simple app can provide values to your customers and internal stakeholders.

One of the biggest benefits to apps is native push notifications. This eliminates the worry about an email not being delivered or an SMS being blocked.

R (Programming Language)

Instead of analyzing data in Excel a popular statistical tool, R, can be used to build better models and take your analysis to the next level.

R can be used for things like building forecast models, logistical regression, and cluster analysis. R also has variety of packages available to help save you time; The Comprehensive R Archive Network.

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